Who we are

ESKA is an IT consulting firm offering full spectrum of consulting, custom software development and innovative software solutions for banks and financial companies, amongst other companies.


We can: find the best infrastructure solutions, develop or upgrade LAN / WAN networks, create a data center, integrate a firewall, implement hardware and software solutions aimed at protecting against DDOS attacks, organize protection of corporate mail, protect your web applications and even prevent a leak of confidential information, ensure the protection of ICS/SCADA networks. Our goal is to make business processes easier and safer.

01Our values

IT Security

Firewalls, hardware and software solutions aimed at protecting against DDOS attacks, protecting corporate organization email, solutions for protecting Web applications, and even preventing confidential information leaks and protecting SCADA networks.

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Design, construction and support of modern network solutions that will allow the company to ensure the smooth and safe operation of key services: the creation and modernization of corporate networks, wireless networks, VLANs, data centers, structured cable networks, the provision of consulting.

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Realization as a general contractor or system integrator - we are fully responsible for the implementation of the project, ensure the effectiveness of subcontractors' decisions, act as coordinator for the project implementation

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Our main goal - build successful projects